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What do I want to be when I grow up? An artist, a business woman, a stay at home mom, a photographer, a dentist, a diplomat, a teacher. So many choices, too many choices! Can I try a little bit of everything? All these options ran through my head when I was younger and to this day as a thirty-something year old I still don’t know what I want to be! Does that matter? I don’t think so. At a school careers talk, an impressive speaker once said the ‘most interesting people still do not know what they want to do to this day’. I’ll take his word for it. Yes there are those of you that have known exactly what you wanted to do and how you were going to do it from day one. I admire you, really, this was just not the case for me. For me life has been and is a journey of discovering what I want and do not want to do, through experiences.
As a dreamer and thinker I have mentally created or dreamed my goals, visualising them in my mind and transforming them as the world around me changed. One fixed goal that I do remember having was was to finish my education. It was so built into me that I didn’t even give it a second thought. My parents had sacrificed so much to put us through school so it was the least we owed them. And having lived in Southern Africa you realise that the fact that you are even able to be in school is a huge privilege. The second was and is to always do something creative whether through work or in my own time. This is something that keeps me happy and centred. I need a creative outlet whether it is a drama class, taking photos, painting, crafting or making visually pleasing digital art. You may not always be in the position to have your passion as your work, make sure you put some time aside to do the things you love.  I remember reading an article about busy female writers with careers and family that would write into the ‘edges of the night’ to complete their projects. I just love that phrase and how and it shows that if you truly want something you can always make time for it.
I have floated through life saying yes to many opportunities that came my way going more with how I felt in that moment. This spontaneity has presented me with lots of great moments. In doing or experiencing something you can come to realise what you want from life. It was only when I got a marketing job that I discovered that was what I wanted to do – a perfect place where I could be creative in the business world. So I would say, stay open to those opportunities that present themselves to you and don’t let fear prevent you from going for it as you do not know where it will lead.
We are not on a fixed path in life, see what options you have ahead of you and choose the right stepping stone for you!
Wishing you love and light for your life journey and success finding and following your dreams and passions.
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