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W need to support each other

Earlier this week we shared the story of Suzanne Beukema. In her feature you can read what happened when she met someone who believed in her concept and encouraged her to go for it. Often we see obstacles on the road, or we are insecure, but when someone who believes in you gives you a helping hand, that can make all the difference in the world. Do you have someone who encourages you? Do you see other women as a competition, or do you like to encourage other women?


“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.” is quote by Madeleine Albright. This quote suggests that if you are successful in your business or work, it goes without saying that you help other women. In practice, fortunately we see this happening more and more often, but it can always be better. We hope to contribute to this with our platform. For example, with our features we want to show that all those successful women who seem so unreachable have also started somewhere. They too have had to work hard, made mistakes and probably also asked people around them for help before they ever started. They also saw obstacles on the road and were insecure.

Ask for help

Now you might have an idea, but could still use some help, are insecure, or you just need the last push. How do you proceed?

  1. Ask for help! Help does not come naturally. If nobody knows what you are looking for, no one can help you. So tell us what you need.
  2. Get out and network. If you do not have anyone in your area who can help you, look for people who can.
  3. Reach out. Approach people whom you see as an example, or who you respect. Do you prefer a coach who guides you, that is also possible.
  4. Let’s help you. Be Open. If someone tries to give you advice, then listen. You do not have to follow everything 100%, but pick up what works for you and leave what doesn’t.


Do you have any tips you would like to share? Let us know in the comments. Do you want to share your story to inspire others? Mail us at info@wgotthis.nl. We’ll be in touch!


Photo by Alex Sorto on Unsplash