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W need to be visible

Do you have trouble putting yourself out there, or do you jump in front of the camera without hesitation? Do you find it challenging making yourself or business visible? Our featured lady Judith den Dunnen helps people with their visibility on LinkedIn. So, we are going to look at visibility this week and give some tips on how you can improve yours.

See yourself as a brand

You probably consider your company a brand but do you ever look at yourself as a brand? Try Googling yourself, see what comes up and whether you like it. Review which social media channels you want to be visible on. On these platforms, make sure you have a  suitable profile picture and that all information is filled in as completely as possible. Then think about the people you want to post for, who follows you on which platform, who is your audience? Business relations (LinkedIn) expect different posts from you than your family and friends on (Facebook). So take a good look at what you want to share on which platform. For example, you can share holiday snapshots on Facebook, whereas photos of a networking event are more suitable on LinkedIn. Always write a description when posting a photo, or a link. People like to know what they are looking at, or what they will encounter when they click on the link. Besides posting, it is useful to be active on the platforms you have chosen. This means you should respond to other people. Not only do these people like it when you react, but you also become visible to their entire network.

Practice makes perfect

Okay, you’ve set up your channels and you want to start posting, now you have to have good photos, or even better nowadays: video! We’ve been doing it ourselves for a few weeks now and can tell you from experience: practice makes perfect. What you have to do over a hundred times the first time, will become much easier once you have done it a few times. But it all starts with doing; you have to do it! Think about what you want to say in your video in advance. Prepare your story, write it down if necessary. Find a good spot to film. Lighting and sound are essential. People have to hear and see you properly. Finished your preparation? Time to start filming. Just keep filming until you are satisfied. Once you are happy with your video always double check it, edit it if necessary and post it.

Good luck on your journey to becoming more visible !

What are you doing to be visible? Do you have any recording tips? Share them with us in the comment. We would love to hear from you. Do you also want to share your story to inspire others? Mail us at info@wgotthis.nl

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash