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Charlene, Laureen & Pene

Wgotthis is an online platform that inspires, empowers and connects women who are looking for a way to follow their bliss. The platform was founded early 2017 by Pene Clayton, Laureen Doesburg and Charlene Jozefzoon, with a joint mission to explore, find and live our own passion and help other women explore, find and live theirs.

Every Monday we publish a Wgotthis Feature of an amazing woman with an inspirational story. Up until now we have interviewed over 50 women and are planning to interview many more. What makes these stories unique, besides the women who tell them, is the level of vulnerability they are willing to share. The road to realizing a dream, a vision or a wish has bumps and obstacles and the bumps and obstacles are every bit as beautiful, important and interesting as the end result. Including that part in the story ensures recognition and connection and can lower the threshold for other women to start making their dreams come true.

Wgotthis also shares motivational videos, informational blogs and inspiring quotes in an effort to interact and connect with our followers. At the moment we are working hard on Wgotthis 2.0, to also inspire, empower and connect women offline.

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