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    W need to be visible

    Do you have trouble putting yourself out there, or do you jump in front of the camera without hesitation? Do you find it challenging making yourself or business visible? Our featured lady Judith den Dunnen helps people with their visibility…

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    W need to support each other

    Earlier this week we shared the story of Suzanne Beukema. In her feature you can read what happened when she met someone who believed in her concept and encouraged her to go for it. Often we see obstacles on the…

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    W can handle setbacks

    Earlier this week we shared the story of Power Woman Farida van den Stoom (click here to read her feature in Dutch). She told us how she flicked the switch in her mind after a series of setbacks. Your mindset…

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    W need to stay focused

    Sometimes things don’t go as you had planned and it’s easy to surrender to disappointment and to stray away from your focal point. It’s important to stay on your path, to continue to believe in your idea and to maintain focus.…